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Vegetable Diseases/Nematodes:

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General Floriculture:

Contact the appropriate individual listed above to discuss your sample and to ensure that someone will be available to examine the specimen. Microscopic and laboratory identification of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes are routinely carried out. Samples can be hand-delivered (if possible) or sent overnight mail, UPS, or Federal Express. Along with your sample, you must include a completed Vegetable & Floriculture Diagnostic Form.  Be as complete as possible; accurate diagnosis depends on sufficient information about cultural practices and environmental conditions. Collect specimens that show a range of symptoms, avoiding rotted or decayed specimens. Please avoid Friday samples; Friday samples will not be examined until Monday which can lead to deterioration of the sample. Upon reaching a conclusion, the lab will send or e-mail a report on the diagnosis including complete management guidelines emphasizing cultural and biorational controls, as well as chemical control options.

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