Organic Seedlings at Natick Community Farm

Natick Community Organic Farm (NCOF), based in Natick, Ma, is offering certified organic seedlings for the upcoming growing season for commercial growers.  NCOF will provide the soil, flats, labor and space and the client is only responsible for providing the certified organic, non-treated (non-GMO) seeds.  We have the capacity to produce up to 400 trays of product throughout the growing season and provide staggered pickups (sorry we don’t deliver) to match the appropriate weather conditions for your plants.  We can accommodate customized pickup dates for clients with larger orders ($2,000 or above).   Below you will find our format for producing certain families of plants and their associated costs. 

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to provide certified organic seed only?  Yes
How many seeds do I need to provide?  We recommend that you purchase between 15 and 30% more seeds than you expect to need. 
Does the farm rent space to local growers to start their own seedlings?  No 
Is a deposit required?  Yes, we require that half of your total amount is paid before we begin production on your seedlings.
Can you grow perennial herbs or flowers?  No
Do you do fall plantings?  Yes, we can provide seedlings for fall plantings as well.

Please feel free to contact Casey ( about specific vegetable requests or Mya ( with any flower inquiries.  Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Service Provider: 
Natick Community Organic Farm