Compost, Whately MA

The mission of Bear Path Farm is “to produce quality compost which improves plant growth by both renovating depleted soils and maintaining the health of productive soils. We further intend to provide superior service to all of our customers from initial contact to delivery."

  • Bear Path Farm compost quality is excellent as noted by hundreds of repeat customers.
  • All customers receive an annual typical nutrient analysis provided by the UMass Soil Lab.
  • Weed seeds are virtually non-existent because of the high temperatures achieved and the scheduled turning process.
  • The compost sold by Bear Path Farm is unscreened. Our unscreened compost has a slightly coarser texture and is readily used as a soil amendment or a top dressing mulch around trees and shrubs or on perennial beds.
  • The coarser texture of Bear Path Farm compost both improves the porosity of the soil, when tilled in, and looks great as a top dressing mulch on perennial beds.
  • Delivery options and service are excellent. Bear Path Farm provides very fast response to your inquiries and needs.
  • Small quantity users can serve themselves 7 days a week through our farm self-service program.
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Bear Path Farm
Bill Obear
Whately, MA
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General Production
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New to farming
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