Regional Networks

In 2010 the USDA and NIFA awarded several Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program grants (BFRDPs) to develop resource networks for beginning farmers. BFN/Mass was one of those projects, along with the regional Northeast Beginning Farmer Project and the national Start2Farm resource connector. All three of these initiatives help beginning farmers connect to the information and service providers that can help them thrive. If you are searching for information, services, or organizations beyond Massachusetts, try one of these other initiatives.


Start2Farm is a databse of programs and resources for beginning farmers and ranchers in the U.S. from federal and state agencies, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations including grassroots organizations.






The Northeast Beginning Farmer Project website features farm planning tutorials with videos, worksheets, and farming FAQ's;  a map of Northeastern farm service providers; descriptions and registration info for instructor-led online courses; a production video library; and great farming publications.





Young Farmer Network (YFN) connects farmers, aspiring farmers and farm allies from all backgrounds. The farmer-driven, regional network is accessible and open to all. YFN fosters community and cooperation, building strong local food systems and economies, and enduring farm businesses. Inspired by the agrarian tradition of neighborly collaboration, YFN addresses the unmet needs of beginning farmers by creating opportunities for social interaction and knowledge sharing.




The New CT Farmer Alliance is a state wide network of farmers and growers. 

Our mission is to bring together emerging farmers from across CT to network, share resources, and identify common challenges and opportunities for a more accessible, successful, and diverse agricultural community. We meet many times throughout the year for farm tours that provide learning opportunities and social networking.



Welcome to the VT New Farmer Project ! You've found your access point to all the organizations, services, and educational opportunities for Vermont's new and aspiring farmers. We strive to keep our information current, comprehensive and easy to use.