Summer Interim Education Manager, Newton Community Farm

The Interim Education Manager (IEM) is responsible for all aspects of youth education and adult

engagement at Newton Community Farm. The Interim Period is from date of hire through September
2018. The IEM reports to Board President, and will work with the Education Volunteer Committee.
This is an at-will, hourly position requiring 30 to 40 hours per week of work, depending on the season
and the programming running at NCF at that time. Remote work is possible during times that
educational programs are not in session and no other Education Staff is on site. To apply, please send a
cover letter and resume to Stephanie Cogen, Board President, at
Essential Functions

Manage, direct and implement all youth education and adult engagement programs scheduled for the
Interim Period. Ensure safety guidelines and rules are followed for all educational programs. Act as
Ambassador representing NCF externally and internally at all times. At all times maintain confidentiality
of all participant, staff, and NCF information.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

 Education Programming
o Manage, execute, and teach where necessary the spring and summer curriculum as
o Ensure compliance with all applicable state and local laws as per or based on MA State

Camp Regulations
o Ensure a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment for participants
o Ensure compliance with all guidelines and policies for participants and families
o Manage registrations and participant record keeping
o Maintain participant files.
o Implement and oversee program evaluation
o Maintain CPR and First Aid skills and credentials

 Education Personnel Supervision
o Ensure compliance with guidelines and policies for all education Staff.
o Maintain Staff, Volunteer, Intern medical and personnel records.
o Vet, hire and train teaching Staff, unless such is complete at the time the IEM starts.

Discipline and consult with Board on termination of Education Staff as necessary
o Vet and train Volunteers, High School Interns and College Interns. Discipline and consult
with Board on termination of Volunteers and Interns as necessary
o Conduct ongoing formal and informal performance feedback and reviews

 Marketing
o Write for and maintain presence on select websites, email lists, and print and social media
o Develop and conduct program surveys

 Fiscal Management
o Maintain financial reports of education programs
o Report to the Board
o Process payments for educational programming
o Complete new hire paperwork for education staff
o Process vendor payments
o Oversee distribution with Board of scholarship fund

 Board and Community Relations
o Maintain good relations with NCF Board and community members
o Consult with Board President as appropriate
o Submit articles to NCF monthly newsletter during the interim period
o Prepare reports and present to the Board as required and as requested
o Prepare monthly written Education updates for Board meetings

 Communications and Community Relations
o Act as Ambassador representing NCF externally and internally at all times
o Communicate with participants and families
o Respond in timely manner to all inquiries, emails, calls, etc. from the community regarding
Education programs at NCF.

An ideal candidate is an engaging individual, with successful experience in teaching in an educational or camp setting, child development, and business management of educational or camping programs

Newton, MA