Sourcing Inspector for Boston Public Market

Job Description: Sourcing Inspector


The Boston Public Market Association Sourcing Inspector will support the mission and rules of the BPM through data collection, producer site visits, and reporting—verifying that all products sold a  the market are truly locally sourced.


• Visit producer enterprises
• Collect data on operations, management, location, crop varieties and quantities, inventory, and other relevant information pertaining to production and sourcing for vendor products sold at the BPM
• Create reports summarizing inspection findings
• Make recommendations to the BPMA Board and staff regarding violations, penalties, and general vendor standing
Work with the market staff to ensure enforcement of sourcing rules


• Excellent interpersonal skills—inspectors must be respectful, collaborative, and impartial when dealing with producers as well as the BPMA staff and the Board
Practical knowledge of New England’s regional food system
Interest in small-­‐scale farming operations, local sourcing, and/or food inspection policy Process management, including methods, procedures, research, and documentation    Highly organized—able to collect, sort, and analyze information from multiple sources Familiarity with basic farming practices in New England, including crop planning, inventories,
farm maps, production facilities, and agricultural units of measure
Able to maintain the highest standards of integrity, trust, and confidentiality

Contractors may be employees of other organizations—non-­‐profit, academic, government, or private—but their inspection activities at BPM producer sites are solely for the purpose of BPM local sourcing certification.