Seasonal Educator at Wright-Locke Farm (Winchester, MA)

Seasonal Educator at Wright-Locke Farm (Winchester, MA)

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NOTE: Candidates are encouraged to apply for more than one of the following positions as they take place during different parts of the program season, meaning work schedules do not overlap. However, applying to work only one program period doesn’t affect your candidacy.

The farm is now hiring Educators for its April vacation, spring after school, and summer vacation programs for children in grades K – 8. Educators are paid $12 per hour to facilitate programs. All farm staff are required to undergo a CORI check prior to the start of their work period (the farm will do this upon hiring).

An Educator’s responsibilities include:

- Reading program materials (provided by the farm) prior to the start of the program(s)

- Attending required paid training at the farm prior to the program start (8 hours for spring after school and 16 hours for summer vacation unless alternative arrangements made)

- Facilitation of youth programs

  • Teaching lessons and leading activities
  • Modifying lessons and activities as necessary
  • Setting up before and cleaning up after each program session

- Communication with student volunteers

  • Delegating tasks and duties to volunteers before, during, and after program sessions
  • Maintaining positive relationships with volunteers

- Communication with the Education Director

  • Providing feedback about successful and unsuccessful lessons and activities
  • Updating the Education Director about volunteer performances
  • Notifying the Education Director of any known issues


Candidates for the Educator position should:
• have a strong interest and/or background in teaching children about farming, nature, healthy eating, or related subjects (experience preferred but not required)
• enjoy working with children
• have a positive attitude, be a strong leader, and be able to adapt to changing environments
• be comfortable handling farm animals (no experience required)
• be able to lift at least 30 lbs
• be comfortable working outdoors- rain or shine!
• have reliable transportation


We seek to hire Educators for the following programs (work schedules listed below and on with more detail):

- April Vacation Programs: April 18 – 22 (Mon – Fri) from 8am – 5:30pm with 1 hour unpaid lunch break from 12:30 – 1:30pm.

- Spring After School Programs: May 2 – June 13 (Mon – Thur; no session 5/30) from 2:30 – 5:30pm. Additional education hours will be available May – June during select weekday mornings when preschool programs and school field trips are scheduled. Educators may also work additional hours in our farm stand (mornings only, Mon – Fri).

- Summer Vacation Programs: We are hiring two teams of Educators for our summer programs; one team will facilitate morning programs for children in grades K – 2 and the other team will facilitate afternoon and all-day programs for children in grades K – 5.

  • All programs are hosted Mon – Fri, June 20 – July 1 and July 11 – August 19
  • Morning program Educators work 8am – 12:30pm
  • Afternoon program Educators work 1pm – 5:30pm and 8am – 3:30pm during our two all-day programs (July 18 – 22 and August 1 – 5)
  • Summer vacation Educators can work additional hours in the farm stand (mornings only, Mon – Fri) or up to 12 additional hours per week in the fields with our farm crew (mornings or afternoons, Tue – Fri); wages for farm stand and fieldwork will be $10 – 11 per hour depending on experience.


If you are interested in one or more of the above positions, please send a resume and cover letter, no more than one page long, to our Education Director, Rebekah Carter, at In your email, be sure to indicate the program(s) for which you are applying. If you are applying to work the spring after school program, please indicate if you are interested in additional hours in the farm stand. If you are applying to work the summer programs, please indicate a) if you would prefer to work during morning programs OR afternoon and all-day programs and b) if you are interested in additional hours in the farm stand or in the field. PLEASE NOTE: a commitment to additional hours in the farm stand or in the field is not required until after hiring for the educator position.

Winchester, MA