ProFarmer Program at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub

The ProFarmer Training Program is an educational initiative of the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, a 1,255-acre not-for-profit farm in Hurley, New York.  Through demonstration and farmer training, we provide education and raise awareness about agricultural practices that are locally rooted, equitable, ecologically regenerative, and economically viable.  The ProFarmer Program is a 2-5 year management training program for those who aspire to obtain farm management positions or own their own farm enterprises in the Hudson Valley. This is a full-time salaried position, including full benefits, with an annual salary in the low $30,000 range.

Position Summary

Each ProFarmer Trainee will be hired as a full time, year-round employee of the Farm Hub and will work under the mentorship of the Farm Hub’s management team. The ProFarmer Training Program includes classroom education, in-field training, and farm work. Through a curriculum grounded in the operation of our working farm, ProFarmer Trainees will attain agricultural and mechanical technical skills, knowledge of the Hudson Valley food system, strong relationships with colleagues on and off the farm, leadership and communication skills, business skills, and deep experience with equitable and ecological farming practices.

The Farm Hub is in its third year of transition from a for-profit sweet corn operation to a nonprofit education, research, and demonstration farm. This transition extends beyond soil and cropping methods to every part of the farm’s operation. This, our second cohort of ProFarmer Trainees will be part of shaping the farm ecological and social environment, including the creation of systems and procedures, demonstration of practices, and the way teaching and learning happens on the farm. The Farm Hub aims to be an exemplary learning, working and living environment, and ProFarmer trainees will have the opportunity to co-create the culture and experiential education approach of an evolving program.

Our cohort of Trainees entering in 2017 must commit to a one-year appointment, with the option to renew the commitment for an additional 1-3 years. Trainees are given the option of free, modest housing in the Farm residences. 

At the conclusion of their training period, the Farm Hub will assist ProFarmers in accessing farm management job opportunities, or accessing land, capital, and other resources to begin their own operations in the Hudson Valley. ProFarmer Trainees will report to the Associate Director of Farmer Training and work alongside the other employees of the Hudson Valley Farm Hub.

We are an equal opportunity employer. All candidates, regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation are encouraged to apply.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in all ProFarmer activities including classroom trainings, hands-on workshops and projects, in-field exercises, and off-farm visits  
  • Collaborate with Farm Hub staff to create an exemplary learning environment characterized by compassionate communication and principles of equitable and ecological agriculture practices
  • Work alongside Farm Hub staff to plan and maintain the 1,255-acre farming operation
  • Lend skills and talents from previous experiences to improve farm operations, including peer-to-peer teaching, enterprise planning, and research and data collection
  • Participate in Farm Hub-led or –hosted events including community engagements and farmer trainings
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of farm characteristics and operations and assist with crop plan development
  • Assist Farm Hub team with other duties as assigned


  • Share the Hudson Valley Farm Hub’s commitment to equity and ecological stewardship in the food system
  • Desire to be a farmer by profession, demonstrated by deep and diverse farm experience.  While there is no requisite number of years of experience, the committee will review each application for the breadth and quality of previous agricultural experience
  • Desire to live and work in Hudson Valley
  • Desire to farm at mechanized scale of production
  • Experience with, or the desire to learn tractor operation and maintenance
  • Team player who is compassionate, collaborative and driven to work for the common good
  • Problem-solver who is able to think critically and holistically about farming and management practices and their own assumptions to improve upon practices
  • Must be personable, flexible, and possess excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Diverse interests and talents and a demonstrated curiosity to expand to new areas
  • Deep desire to work hard, be creative, and adapt to changing conditions
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Good reading, writing, and verbal communication in English, and proficient in basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, converting units of measurement)
  • Computer literate, as demonstrated by working knowledge of basic computer programs such as Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook) and GoogleDocs, and ability to learn new software programs
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Basic Spanish skills (speaking and comprehension) or the willingness to learn Spanish

About the Hudson Valley Farm Hub

Training will take place at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, a 1,255 acre non-profit farm in Hurley, NY that provides professional farmer training, hosts and supports research, and demonstrates innovative agricultural practices.  The Farm Hub is an initiative of the Local Economies Project (LEP).  LEP’s mission is to build an equitable and ecologically resilient food system in the Hudson Valley – one that meets the economic and social needs of our communities while working in harmony with natural systems.  Towards this mission, LEP develops programs, provides grant funding, and acts as a convener in the regional food and farming economy.   To find out more, visit the LEP at and the Hudson Valley Farm Hub at

Hurley, NY