Part-Time Seasonal Volunteer Coordinator with Needham Community Farm

The Needham Community Farm is looking for a part-time, seasonal volunteer coordinator to work 7-8 hours per week through October. Pay is $15/hour. 

The Needham Community Farm (NCF) Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for managing all aspects of

our current individual volunteers on the farm and off the farm. This position reports to our Farm Manager

and will also work closely with our key individuals.

This is a seasonal, part-time 7-8 hour-a-week position, starting in April 2017 through October 2017. The

Volunteer Coordinator will work on-site at Needham Community Farm on Tuesday mornings from

7:30am-10:30am and Saturday mornings from 8:00am - 12:00pm. Additionally, the Volunteer Coordinator

will perform up to 1 hour of remote volunteer management. This position is paid hourly at $15.00/hour.


Priority #1 Lead the volunteers in harvesting produce on Tuesday and Saturday Mornings

In this role, the Volunteer Coordinator will be lead the volunteers through successful harvests and other

on-farm tasks.


In collaboration with the Farm Manager, our Volunteer Coordinator will lead the harvest for our farm’s

food access programs. Specific duties include:

● Communicate with Farm Manager about harvest plan and other tasks to be completed

● Clean wash station and lay out necessary tools before volunteers arrive

● Greet and orient harvest volunteers

● Demonstrate for volunteers how to harvest their assigned fruit/vegetable, and assist with

monitoring quality

● Verify correct harvest quantities for multiple donation outlets

● Lead the washing and packing process specific to each fruit/vegetable. Ensure that produce is

weighed and all weights are recorded on the harvest tracking sheets

● Clean up and put away harvest and wash station supplies

● Manage volunteers during additional farm tasks such as weeding, etc.

● Other duties as assigned

Priority #2 Online volunteer management

In this role, the Volunteer Coordinator will maintain NCF volunteer electronic records and communicate

effectively with current volunteers.


In this role our Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of off-the-field communications

with current volunteers and maintenance of volunteer records. Specific duties include:

● Communicate with Farm Manager to verify volunteer needs

● Confirm volunteers have signed Online Waiver

● Provide volunteers with information on what to bring to volunteer on farm and directions

● Record and track volunteer hours

● Maintain online volunteer contact information records

● Other duties as assigned

Please submit cover letter and resume to

Needham Community Farm in Needham, MA