Organic Veg. Farmer at Norwell Farms, Norwell MA

Seeking an Organic Vegetable Farmer at Norwell Farms

Our History
Norwell Farms is a 501c(3) non-profit community farm in Norwell, MA, a small town located about 25
miles south of Boston. We have a license from the Town of Norwell to farm on 7 acres at the Historic
Jacobs Farm, and we are in our 8th year of operation. The nonprofit organization of Norwell Farms runs
community events and educational programs at the farm and supports local organizations and food
pantries to address food insecurity.
Opportunity Description

Norwell Farms is seeking an experienced, organic vegetable farmer who shares our vision to build a
small-scale, organic, market garden at Jacobs Farm. In this model, the farmer might grow only higher
value crops for two or three markets (e.g. CSA, Farm Stand, Wholesale), with the goal of obtaining
higher yields per acre through building soils with compost and other amendments, reducing tillage,
maximizing plantings per bed, and controlling weeds.

The vegetable farmer will have the advantage of starting with an established farm operation and
“Norwell Farms” brand, which has become a household name in our surrounding South Shore
community. Norwell Farms currently serves 100+/- member vegetable CSA, a farm stand, and wholesale
accounts. In addition, our social media presence has grown to over 2,500 followers on Facebook and
over has ~1,300 newsletter subscribers.

At Norwell Farms, we have access to a historic barn for storage and distribution and other key
infrastructure, including:
• 10x10 ft. walk-in cooler
• 26x72 ft. heated greenhouse with ventilation
• Dodge van & storage for equipment
• Existing CSA and market supplies
• Two private wells and irrigation equipment

Role of the Vegetable Farmer:
▪ Develop and implement a farm plan for a financially sustainable, organic vegetable farm
operation with the goal of serving up to 100+ member Summer CSA and 30+ member Fall CSA,
and seasonal farm stand hours
▪ Partner with Norwell Farms Non-Profit Organization to achieve our goals by:
     o Providing vegetable donations in support of our food insecurity programs,
     o Maintaining the learning garden during the growing season in support of our
          educational programming,
     o Participating in community events in support of our mission to connect the community
           to the land, and
     o Maintaining the farm’s year-round appearance in support of our commitment to
          stewardship of the land and in compliance with town requirements.
▪ Cooperate with the other stakeholders of Norwell Farms (e.g. Non-Profit, town officials, etc.)
▪ Provide own primary tillage/cultivating equipment
▪ Maintain appropriate insurance coverage

▪ 5+ years organic, vegetable crop production
▪ Understanding of whole-farm planning, crop rotation, soil enhancement methods, and general
ecological principles
▪ Experience running and maintaining farm vehicles, equipment, irrigation, and greenhouses
▪ Ability to lift 50 lbs.
▪ Eagerness to partner with the non-profit arm of Norwell Farms
▪ Previous experience running a CSA and hiring and managing farm staff preferred
▪ Previous experience or interest in building a small scale, intensive farming operation

Salary and Benefits:
Farmer should consider their compensation and build it into their budget to be submitted with the farm

How to Apply:
Please submit a resume, interest letter, and three references to:
Norwell Farms, attn: Mari Creatini, P.O. Box 5434, Norwell, MA 02061

Norwell, MA