Job Posting: Mass Farmers Markets EBT Coordinator

Mass Farmers Markets EBT Coordinator Job Description

Mass Farmers Markets is looking for two committed, passionate, and outgoing individuals to fill our seasonal, EBT Coordinator positions.

The EBT Coordinators will work on site, at Mass Farmers Markets' managed markets: Central Square (Cambridge), Davis Square (Somerville), or Copley Square (Boston). The EBT Coordinator will be MFM's liaison, interacting with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamp) recipients and shoppers, farmers market vendors, market managers, and community organizations in order to implement and process SNAP/credit card transactions, and spread awareness about the program while supporting the market manager as needed.

The EBT Coordinators will be trained and educated about the Farmers Market system, about SNAP shoppers at farmers markets, and on proper operation of our proprietary eToken℠ system.

Required Skills:
Excellent customer service know how
Exceptional written and oral communication skills; ability to conceptualize and describe Mass Farmers Markets' mission in a way that is well-defined and compelling to shoppers
Experience in data collection
Strong work ethic and capability to thrive and take initiative with a commitment to and an understanding of a high standard of excellence, responsibility, and accountability
Working knowledge of PC based computers and software; familiarity in configuring computers for wireless networking; well versed in email communication techniques and file sharing/transfers protocols
Familiarity with spreadsheets including a working knowledge of database manipulation; strong Microsoft Access skills a plus
Capability to identify and record system operating problems and communicate them clearly to MFM's software engineer
Reliable car, ability to spend one day each week working in the office in Waltham, willingness to be flexible and cooperative with other MFM staff, having a good sense of humor and being a quick and interested learner
Responsibilities include:
Processing electronic SNAP and Credit/Debit transactions using our eToken℠ system and in coordination with the market manager and market volunteers. EBT coordinators will be the primary operator of our cutting edge mobile technology replacing physical tokens with eTokens℠and maintaining market shopper accounts.
Excellent customer service interaction, listening to shoppers and coworkers carefully and having understanding and a patient demeanor
Keeping precise, detailed, and organized records both electronically and manually with paper records to accurately record all electronic transactions, to reimburse vendors for SNAP sales, to provide Match Dollar funder with accurate and timely reports for reimbursement and to determine how SNAP recipients learned about the SNAP and Match programs at Farmers Markets
Working with partnering community groups to promote the SNAP Match program at the farmers market
Educating SNAP shoppers and market vendors about procedures for SNAP transactions and educating market vendors about SNAP sales redemption. Keeping all parties updated on the program.
Providing operating information to our software engineer and assisting with functional problem resolution
Maintaining a friendly and professional manner while interacting with all shoppers, market guests and visitors, city employees, vendors, and market managers
Compensation: $14-16/hr, based on experience
Duration: May to the end of November
To apply, please send cover letter and resume to:
Sarah Gupton,

Central Square (Cambridge), Davis Square (Somerville), or Copley Square (Boston).