Job opportunity at Lindentree Farm

Lindentree Farm is a family owned and run farm on 15 acres in Lincoln Ma. LTF grows for a 200 plus member CSA with on-location pick up, the local farmer's market, a restaurant or two, and hosts the Field of Greens, a nonprofit project for Food For Free. Lindentree Farm has been certified organic for 24 years, and in the last five years has been pursuing the practice of biological agriculture, working to build healthy balanced soils to grow nutrient dense vegetables and small fruits. We look forward to sharing the continuing learning process with crew and members.

Lindentree Farm is looking for a motivated and strong crew to work here this summer. We need two individuals who have experience working either on a farm, gardening, or other outdoor work, and are willing to do what it takes to seed, grow, transplant, water, weed and feed, and finally harvest the numerous and varied crops we offer to our CSA members. To that end, crew members learn such skills as:
-growing healthy seedlings in our greenhouse,
-helping to prepare planting beds,
-maintaining and operating mowers and small tractors,
-setting up irrigation, both pipes and drip,
-identifying and managing insects and plant diseases,
-learning about and using efficient mechanical and manual weed control techniques,
-harvesting, washing, and preparing vegetables for sale and our CSA.

Some crew member requirements:
--to be well organized, have good hand skills, and pay attention to details while you are working
--to work efficiently while taking care of your body and staying healthy. Its a full season commitment
--to be physically strong, able to lift 50 pounds on a repeated basis, and do many jobs that involve lifting, bending, kneeling, and repetitive motion
--to be able to work well with other crew members, members of our CSA, or independently as needed
-- to have a good sense of humor and flexibility in the face of frustration, adversity, new information and occasional mistakes
--to show up for work on time, well rested and prepared for the work ahead
--to be willing to ask questions, listen well, and follow instructions
--perhaps work at the farmer's market

We work with tractors, mowers, and other machinery.  It is a real plus if you already know how to operate a tractor and/or are want to learn.
            The task of growing healthy food is a highly, and continuously, rewarding job both in the satisfaction of eating it and sharing it with others. We look forward to sharing this amazing work and community of members with a dedicated crew.
The work begins in April, full-time, and continues through October and then in November there is some half time work. Sometimes we hire a student who is available only for their summer break.
            The farm crew generally works from Tuesday through Friday from 7:00 AM-5:00 PM with a lunch break, and 6:30 AM-4:30 PM, on Saturday,  and some additional hours to make up for rain days etc. We encourage our crew to be part of the emasscraft workshops and support attendance at the NOFA summer conference. Most of the training occurs on the job with daily AM meetings to plan for the day and periodic farm walks to discuss crop and soil conditions.
Compensation is based on experience and includes a large CSA share.
Housing on the farm may be available for someone who would also be responsible for some weekend chores.
Send a letter of interest, resume, and references to Ari at:
We look forward to hearing from you!

Lindentree Farm in Lincoln, MA