Internship at Holly Hill Farm

Holly Hill Farm of Cohasset, MA is currently seeking a farm intern for the
2016 growing season. The length of this internship is 12 weeks. Compensation
includes a salary of $300.00/biweekly and housing on-site in our historic

Holly Hill is a certified organic farm located in beautiful Cohasset, MA,
approximately 25 miles south of Boston. Our property consists of 140 acres of
land (10 acres of open fields of which three acres are in production),
historic buildings, greenhouses and diversified natural areas for educational
purposes. We grow organic vegetables, herbs and flowers that are sold at our
farm stand, at the Cohasset Farmers Market, and to select restaurants.
Seedlings are sold during our annual May plant sale and throughout the summer.
As an educational non-profit, we host dozens of kids on a daily basis through
summer camps and school visits. While we do not lead these programs, we are
constantly interfacing with young people and teachers, and they work with us
on the farm. We also work with volunteers on a weekly basis.

Our Internship is best suited to someone with some farming experience who
wants to broaden his or her skills and knowledge. One year of organic farming
or gardening experience is ideal, but not required. A candidate who can
observe what's going on around them and pick up the lay of the land will
settle in well. Our intern will be expected to work 10-hour days, Tuesday
through Saturday, plus a half day Sunday. Occasionally longer hours may be
required on market days, during high harvest periods, periods of drought, etc.
In order for Holly Hill to succeed, a certain level of production is necessary
and expected. Every morning the farm managers will review which tasks need to
be accomplished that day and set target times for each job's completion.
Interns are expected to work regardless of weather conditions. Small-scale
organic farming requires a great deal of manual labor. Candidates should be
physically fit enough to weed and harvest, and should be able to lift 50 lbs.
An ability to work with people of all ages is a must. Past communal living
experience is a plus.

Compensation includes housing in our historic farmhouse. Farm managers will
conduct individual check-ins and work with you on goal setting throughout the
season. Be prepared to communicate your goals and participate in feedback
sessions with your fellow crew members.

To apply please email

Cohasset, MA