General Manager, Old Creamery Co-op, Cummington

General Manager (GM) for the Old Creamery Co-op in Cummington,

Massachusetts. The Co-op recently celebrated our 5-year anniversary and
with our current GM's announced retirement, we are looking for a new
General Manager to navigate our future direction.

We are seeking a GM to ensure that the Old Creamery thrives as a vibrant
center of the surrounding communities. A full-service grocery store, deli,
and café, the Old Creamery currently has annual sales of nearly $1.8
million, 9 full-time and 24-31 part-time employees (varying with season),
and 780 member-owners.

Candidates must have senior management experience in a retail food business
and strong skills in financial management, marketing, problem solving,
communication, and community building. We seek an inspired leader who
embraces challenge and who has vision, compassion, and a sense of humor.
Our ideal candidate will help foster the conditions and culture necessary
for long-term viability of the operation.

Expected start date April/May 2018. Compensation and benefits dependent on
experience, competitive with similar-type co-ops. Applications will be
reviewed upon receipt. Look around our website
<> for more information about the Old
Creamery Co-op vision and values. To apply, please send an email to <> with the following
attachments in MS Office Word or PDF format.

      - *Cover letter*
      - *Resume*
      - *Three employment references *with full contact information (name,
      address, phone, email, title, relationship)

Applicants interested in the full job description may download it HERE

While the Co-op strongly prefers applications via email, if access to the
internet is an issue for any reason, please apply via postal mail to Board
President, Old Creamery Co-op, 445 Berkshire Trail, Cummington, MA  01026.

The Old Creamery Co-op values excellence and diversity in hiring and is an
equal opportunity employer (EOE).

*Detailed Background*

The Creamery is an iconic store – one of just a few local food-shopping
options in a sparsely populated rural region, as well as a destination for
tourists and visitors traveling along Route 9 between the Berkshires and
the Pioneer Valley.

The Old Creamery began as a dairy cooperative in 1886 and had a 50-year
run. For the first 75 years seven private owners have operated retail
stores and restaurants in the building. Between September 2000 and November
2012 the store operated under private ownership with many of the values
inherent in food co-ops. In November 2012, the Old Creamery transitioned to
a member-owned and community-supported business that is strongly supported
by the local community and has been deeply supported by a range of
individuals and organizations within the region’s co-op movement.

The business is governed by a volunteer board that utilizes Policy
Governance as a framework for collaborative work with the General Manager.

To view the current bylaws of the Co-op link HERE

The Co-op has a license for retail sales of beer, wine and liquor and the
new GM must meet requirements of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages
Control Commission.

*Reasons Why You Should Apply*:

We have a terrific quality of life, and the Old Creamery holds a unique
niche and identity as part of the heart and soul of this region. The
“Hilltowns” have a long history as collective communities that act on our
responsibilities locally and in the world at large.

We’ve got all of the pluses of a small rural community – natural beauty,
reasonable cost of living, direct democracy in local government, good ol’
Yankee ingenuity, and self-reliance. Massachusetts is one of the most
progressive states in the US, at the forefront of issues such as healthcare
and human rights. And when you are hungry for some urban excitement, we are
just a 30-minute drive to the small cities of Northampton and Pittsfield, a
few hours’ drive from Boston, 4 hours from New York City, and 6 from
Montreal. If you live here, you already know this! If you don’t yet live
here, you’ll want to try it out and discover why so many are “transplanted”

Our region is well known for its commitment to local food, small farms, and
the cooperative movement. The Creamery currently supports and is supported
by more than 100 local businesses, many of which are involved in the
production, packaging, service, or sales of good food. We have a strong
network of supportive food co-ops. A host of related support organizations
are based here including: Neighboring Food Co-op Association (NFCA), New
England Farmers Union (NEFU), Community In Support of Agriculture (CISA),
Field to Table (FTT), and the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI).
There are many active local groups, including the Heirloom Seed-Saving
Group, the Hilltown non-GMO Working Group, and a Perennial Food Group.
There are several generations-old family farms and many new organic farms
in the area.

Our Co-op’s board and Creamery staff are dedicated, creative, and very hard
working. We eagerly await the opportunity to add skills, perspectives, and
experience to our midst.

Cummington, MA