Gardeners for Residential Properties - All Organic Business

Hi! I am Sue Roth, the owner of The Earth Education Company ( We design, install and maintain private properties that want to go green and move from a chemical property to an organic property. This includes installing and teaching about maintaining organic vegetable and fruit gardens, perennials and annual gardens as well as chicken coops, ponds and other plantings.

I am looking for gardeners who have a good knowledge of perennials, vegetables and annuals, and want to learn new skills and techniques. The job involves weeding, planting, caring for plants, some design work and light pruning. We do not work with lawn grass, mulch, snow or irrigation.  Hourly pay (15/hr) with a year end bonus, part time (mornings), weekdays and seasonal. No weekends or holiday work...that's family time.  Must enjoy working hard outside, be motivated, work well with others, have a car and cell phone, and live near the towns surrounding Sudbury, MA. 

Must commit to a 2018 year. Start now, even better.

Please email Sue Roth at to apply for the job, at least 3 references are needed. 

Sudbury, MA and sourrounding towns.