Food Grower / Landscaper Wanted

Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod is looking to find a part time team member this growing season. Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod designs, installs and maintains edible gardens here on the Cape. Please check out our website to learn more about what we do:

We are looking for someone who has experience with landscaping, farming and/or gardening. Some heavy lifting required. The work is very diverse. One day we could be doing routine maintenance (weeding, harvesting, pruning), and the next day we can be in a patch of briars ripping out roots and stumps to clear an area for a garden, and the next day we could be running compost and mulch in wheelbarrows all day, or building raised beds, or digging holes for trees, etc...The variety is nice, and it keeps us from getting burned out on any one thing.

We'd love to find someone with landscape design experience. Also, if you are skilled with general graphic design, quickbooks, web design, social media, photography, databases, etc. thats a huge plus!! (in fact, we could use someone in this department ASAP, so let us know if you are keen to this type of work) Experience with hardscapes a plus. Also, experience with some power tools is good.

The ultimate goal is to transition Edible Landscapes from a sole proprietorship to a worker owned cooperative business. We are looking for someone who wants to grow with the company. Currently, we can't guarantee more than 3 days a week for the months of April, May, June and July. Thats our busy season. During the rest of the growing season, one might expect about 1-2 days of work a week.

Our ideal applicant should have other source(s) of income, since we can only guarantee part time work at this time. BUT, if you are a go-getter, you can hustle work too, and take a commission. And if everything is going good, we would consider bringing you in on the ground level as a worker-owner. We are looking for someone who is dedicated to the food/farming movement "for the long haul." If you are passionate about social justice pertaining to food access, healing degraded land, permaculture, regenerative farming, building community and a better world, etc, please contact us. We would much rather take a passionate, positive-spirited, plant whisperer over a grumpy grunt laborer ;)

PLEASE READ: when contacting us, please, please, please answer these questions. If you don't, we might not respond!!

1) Tell us about yourself. Whats your mini life story, etc. How it all relates to why you want to work with us

2) What are some of your skills? what are your strengths? What do you have to offer a start-up company. (spring 2016 will be our fourth season in business)

3) What are some past experiences (work and non-work) that molded/inspired you? And how do they relate to why you'd want to work for a company like Edible Landscapes?

4) Do you have transportation? How much would you want/expect to be paid per hour?

5) Optional question: If money didn't matter, and you could do anything you wanted with your time, what would you do?

Please feel free to send a resume, as well as the answers to these questions, to Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!

Cape Cod