The Farm at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary provides fresh, organic produce to 250 families weekly through our CSA program and provides vegetables to visitors on the weekends at our Farm Stand.  We seek individuals with farming experience to join our team for the 2019 season. Some housing is available beginning mid-May.

Farmhands work closely with the sanctuary director to harvest crops, load vegetables, and hand weed on 17 acres and market produce through a summer CSA program and weekend Farm Stand. Farmhands gain management experience as they instruct and lead shareholders and volunteers in the field, at Pick-up distributions, and at the Farm Stand. Farmhands will also take responsibility with customer service aspects of the operation including blog posts and weekly updates to the shareholders.

At Moose Hill, we are committed to farming organically and work closely with our partners at a neighboring farm. Our partner uses crop rotation that includes fallowing with green manures, spreading organic compost, and careful monitoring of soil organic matter and fertility. We use drip irrigation when need in one field and rely on soil fertility for our upper field. Learn more about our farming philosophy.

• Comfortable with physical labor in all weather conditions and interested in hands-on training in organic farming
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Willing to work with groups of adults and children
• Punctual, precise, energetic, resilient, and attentive people are encouraged to apply; the work day begins at 6:50 am
• Ability to bend and kneel repeatedly during harvesting and weeding activities
• Ability to lift and haul up to 50 lbs
• Ability to relate to a diverse range of people and exercise cultural competence and inclusion
• Valid driver's license
• Must pass a background records check (CORI, SORI and driver's)

Compensation and Benefits
$12-13/hr. depending on experience, fruit and vegetables produced on the farm, on-farm housing is available at $35/week (limited space). Farmhands are eligible for a .50/hr. bonus for all hours worked through the end of October. Farmhand must work through Oct. 31 to be eligible for this bonus. Health benefits may also be available after meeting minimum criteria for hours worked.

Additional Comments
Hours vary with the progression of the season from roughly 40/wk through June, to about 50/wk at the height of the season, and back to 40/wk at the end of the season. Hours can range from 8 to 10 hours per day depending on the day; Tuesdays are scheduled off for all Farmhands; weekend work is required. A daily lunch break is unpaid.

Sharon, MA