Farmer's Market Manager, Copley Square, Boston

The Copley Square Farmers Market Manager is responsible for daily operations

of the market from mid-May through late November. This is a part-time,
seasonal, hourly position and requires managing market operations for
approximately 9 hours on market days, plus an additional 2-3 hours/week on
non-market days.

Wages: $16-19/hr, based on experience.


The Market Manager is the “go-to” person for vendors and consumers during
market hours and is the onsite Mass Farmers Markets (MFM) representative. The
job requires personal confidence, conflict management skills, and the ability
to effectively communicate with a variety of people including municipal
employees. Mass Farmers Markets relies on the market manager to be its liaison
with and between all parties served by the market. The manager’s general
responsibilities include: fostering community support for the market, helping
promote the market and MFM, and keeping accurate weekly records of market
activities. Successful managers understand both the vendors’ and the
consumers’ needs and, in conjunction with MFM staff, design and
implementstrategies to meet these needs. The manager is required to be on-site
at market and available to vendors and consumers for the majority of the
markets hours.

Specific Responsibilities:

General Market Support:

o Develops and maintains good working relationships with fellow market
managers, the market’s advisor(s), each farmer and vendor, consumers, and
community members, groups, and organizations.
o Update and prepare vendor applications, Market Rules and Managed
Market Policy
o Assists vendors, community representatives, and consumers by providing
market-related information, conflict resolution, and general aid as
o Enforces market rules and manages disputes between vendors
o Communicates regularly with the MFM office staff.
o Managers may occasionally assist vendors by providing limited set up
help and brief personal breaks.
Education and Outreach
o Works in tandem with MFM office staff to promote the market using
social media and other tools
o Raises consumer and community consciousness about MFM and farmers
markets role in the greater Boston food system through conversations and
targeted activities.
o Educates consumers about locally grown produce
o Establishes a consistent space to set up and operate the market
manager’s table and  display materials
o Promotes the SNAP program and assists vendors and customers with the
HIP program
o Identifies and either initiates or recommends follow-up communication
with area businesses and community organizations, as well as local police or
other municipal employees, who may provide assistance to the market.
o Leads efforts to bring cooking demonstrations, educational
programming, music or other cultural activities and special events to the
o Regularly reads community news publications and coordinates with the
office staff

To apply send Cover letter and Resume to

Boston, MA