Farmer Tim's Vegetables Job Opportunities!!! Seeking for one or two growers, and one or two assistant growers!!

Farm Name: Farmer Tim's Vegetables
Farm Address: 110 Ramshorn Road, Dudley, MA
Contact Name: Tim Carroll
Phone: 857-334-3121

Acres: 4-5 acres in production, 92 total acres for future growth
Management Practices: Organic, with certification coming
# of Hired Workers: 3 Full Time, 3 Part Time (weekends)
# of Positions Available: 3 Full Time, 1-2 Part Time
Products: Vegetables
Markets: Farm Stand, CSA, one Retail, WorldPEAS

Time of Year Jobs Offered: April through October
Types of Positions Offered: Grower and Assistant Grower
Types of Work: Planting, Weeding, Watering, Bed Preparation, Pest/Disease Management, Harvest, Wash/Pack, Pruning, Trellising, etc.
Experience Desired: 1 season on a farm for Grower positions, passion for local food, desire to learn for Assistant Grower positions
Important Skills: Tractor experience desired for Grower, work outside in all weather, handle up to 50 pounds, work efficiently with a team
Wage Approximation: $11 to $13 per hour depending on experience
Potential Benefits: Full time workers get FREE housing on the farm, and all workers get free vegetables
This farmer is willing to mentor a beginning farmer.

Dudley, MA