Farmer / Farm Planner

"Farm to Office"

Seeking experienced farmer(s) to help develop concept for intensive farming in landscape areas of office developments in suburban Boston areas.

I am an urban planner long interested in metropolitan area farming, trying to launch a project to use excess landscape areas in office parks to produce food to be directly marketed to employees in adjacent offices.  There will be no rent for the farmed land.  Instead, the farms will create an amenity that developers will use to attract and retain office tenants.  I’m currently in discussions with one interested developer with two sites, each with approximately 1 to 2 acres of potential farm area, and have identified several other possible sites.

Initial tasks will include assessing feasibility of sites, working with landscape architects and developers to plan farm layouts and crops, and helping to develop an organizational structure.  When launched, work to include all aspects of farm operations, as well as assessing additional sites for expansion of concept.  When additional sites are added, farmer can transition to farm manager role and supervise additional farming staff.  I anticipate that the farmer(s) will be co-owners of a cooperative, to be paid from farm proceeds and potential fees and grants.

If interested, please contact Bill Tuttle at

Suburban Boston area