farm production manager position opening

Seeking someone with previous farm production management or assistant management experience on an organic diversified vegetable farm. Candidates should be seeking to make a commitment of 2 or more seasons.

Your role will be to manage the Production team of field crew and tractor operators in acheiving a successful growing season on the farm, with plenty of hands-on time in the field doing detailed tractor work and working with crews.

• Manage implementation of all production-related greenhouse and field work each week.
• Create daily lists of production tasks for each day and delegate in the morning.
• Detailed tractor work.
• Keep all production records (inputs, actuals, etc.) up to date and organized.
• Coordinate and manage your department, especially field crew leaders and tractor drivers, in daily work, and keep them accountable. Also be prepared to manage incoming crew from other departments for efficient transition and most effective tasks.
• Train or coordinate training of other managers and tractor drivers in new skills and improve on current skills.
• Help assess staffing needs and hours through the season
• Communicate and plan with other farm managers to improve processes and systems across the farm
• Manage scheduling of and participate in irrigation and frost protection
• Manage spraying schedule and communication with operators and other departments for safety
• Keep inventory of production supplies so they don’t run out and monitor their storage and use to prevent waste
• Be coordinator of all production machinery and equipment care and repair, checking in with Ryan(general manager), and communicating with mechanic
• Oversee schedule of and do light tractor and equipment maintenance
• Oversee upkeep of greenhouses and tunnels, and care for plants inside
• Further responsibilities as needed

Background and Skills:
• Knowledge of vegetable growing systems and understanding of the field production process for organic crops
• Field management experience, 2 or more years.
• Experience leading teams for positive motivation and efficiency
• Desire for and practice in thorough preparation and organization of records and plans
• Tractor driving and varied implement use for vegetable farming
• Mechanical experience a plus.
• English fluency required, Spanish speaking a plus.

Based at our Montague Farm, 184 Meadow Road, Montague, MA.

Full-time from March through December, part-time winter work. Postion starts in early spring or late winter. Compensation based on experience. Please detail previous machinery experience, including crops and methods, in your application. Rolling applications - position open until filled.

Application form:

Red Fire Farm in Montague MA