Farm Assistant Manager for 2016

Gibbet Hill Farm ( is a small, diversified farm located in picturesque Groton, MA.  The farm is part of the Webber Restaurant Group, which is an independent, family-owned restaurant group that is committed to furthering the local food movement. The farm is dedicated solely to supplying produce and meat to the 5 chefs within the restaurant group.  Two of the venues (Gibbet Hill Grill and The Barn at Gibbet Hill) are located on the farm and customers are highly encouraged to hike the walking trails and visit with the farmers and livestock.  The other venues are located in Harvard (Fruitlands Museum Café), Hingham (Scarlet Oak Tavern) and Burlington, MA (Fireside Catering and The Bancroft).  In combination with the onsite restaurants, 3 farm-to-table dinners are hosted each season and new this year, we will be hosting an annual fall farm festival.

We farm a mix of annual and perennial fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, and raise a small herd of lamb on our main site (~3 acres).  We lease an additional acre on The Groton School’s property in town, where we raise more annual vegetables.  In exchange for the land, we provide produce to the school’s cafeteria and host several volunteer days with the students throughout the growing season.  We also tend to a small garden at the Hingham site.  Our goal is to eventually become a four season farm and expand our winter hoop house growing.  We donate excess produce to Loaves and Fishes when possible and sponsor an annual Walk for Hunger to help benefit local food pantries.  

We are now taking applications for an Assistant Manager and 2 Farm Assistants to work side-by-side with the farm manager at the forefront of the farm-to-restaurant movement in New England.  Gibbet Hill Farm is a small farm with a big heart and is part of an amazing larger family in the restaurant world.  The farm manager here has a lot of enthusiasm and energy and is looking for a team that is just as enthusiastic and loves to farm no matter what the conditions.  We are looking for individuals who are energetic, friendly, and passionate about a career in sustainable agriculture.  Individuals must be excited for the physically demanding schedule, tasks, and pace of the farm season.  Although we are small, we have a lot going on, so being able to multitask and to see the big picture are key.  Ideally, you are someone who loves working hard towards a great goal, has an awesome positive attitude and works well both in a team and independently.  All motivated applicants who are seriously considering a career in farming and the local food movement are welcome to apply.

Assistant Manager Description:

The Farm Assistant Manager assists the Farm Manager in all aspects of growing at Gibbet Hill Farm; from helping to build the crop plan, to tractor work preparing the fields, to seeding and planting, to weeding by hand and by tractor, to running irrigation, to managing pests and disease, to harvesting, to making restaurant deliveries and ensuring feedback from chefs is relayed to the Farm Manager.  The Assistant Manager will also help with livestock chores and help to monitor the health of the herd.  The Assistant Manager helps to plan and oversee winter growing in the hoop houses and they will be a key component in helping the farm to provide produce year round.  The Assistant Manager will help to direct the farm assistants and any volunteers and student groups from the Groton School at both the main field and the satellite field.  There is room for the Assistant Manager to introduce any aspects of farming that they are passionate about, especially during “the off season”.  There are also possibilities to learn and work within the restaurants themselves during winter months if that is of interest to the Assistant Manager.

Essential Job Functions:

    Field Work – demonstrating by example how to be efficient, hard-working, and organized in all farm work.

  •     Tractor Work – field prep, cultivating, compost turning, applying soil amendments.
  •     Helping to direct, teach and motivate farm assistants, farm helpers and volunteers.
  •     Oversee winter growing in the hoop houses and other season extension growing.
  •     Assist the Farm Manager with the crop planning process.
  •     Greeting and directing visitors to the farm and surrounding trails.
  •     Acting as a liaison between the farm and customers (chefs) and the general public (attending Farm Dinners, CRAFT meetings, and other community events, working with Groton School).
  •     Small construction projects.
  •     Weekend and nightly chores on a rotating, as needed basis.


  •     At least 2-3 years of farming experience and a valid driver’s license.
  •     Must have at least 1 year experience with tractors and demonstrate competence and confidence.
  •     Cooperative, supportive team player.
  •     Several years of experience leading groups in some capacity.
  •     Able to lead independently of the farm manager; must be self-motivated, time and detail oriented, and highly organized.
  •     Must be comfortable working at a face pace and being flexible about changing up tasks depending on weather and other uncontrollable factors.
  •     Must have a desire to continue their learning of sustainable farming practices and to want to help pass that on to farm assistants.
  •     Willing to share system knowledge of previous work on farms, while respecting and helping to grow the systems in place at Gibbet Hill Farm.
  •     A good sense of humor and patience go along way while working on a farm.  
  •     Comfortable working in all types of weather; hot, cold, rain, wind, high humidity, buggy, etc.
  •     Able to lift 50 lbs repeatedly, and be able to work with tools such as harvest knives, hoes, shovels and weed whackers.
  •     Must be able to bend repeatedly, stand for long periods of time, work on their knees and complete repetitive work with their hands such as hand weeding and harvesting berries.
  •     Livestock can act in unpredictable ways; must be comfortable working with animals.

Hours and Compensation:

The Assistant Manager is a year-round salaried position starting in March 2016 with standard health insurance benefits.  Salary is based on experience.  Hours fluctuate with the season but they can expect to work 60 hrs/week at the height of the season with reduced hours in the winter. They will have a staggered schedule with the Farm Manager to ensure the farm runs 7 days/week.  Produce from the farm and a free staff meal is served everyday in the restaurant at 3pm, which is available for you to have as a take-home meal.  Discounts are available at all the restaurants.  Free admittance to the farm-to-table dinners is provided.  The Assistant Manager will be highly encouraged to attend the biweekly emassCRAFT meetings to further their learning experience and have a $100 stipend to use at one of the local farming conferences.  Housing may be available.


Interested persons should email a resume and cover letter to Farm Manager, Molly DellaRoman at

Groton, MA