Driver for City Compost, Boston

City Compost is seeking an individual looking for part time (with growth

potential) who has a passion for healthy living, environmental justice,
sustainability, and access to fresh food to help help provide service for a
fast growing composting service.

City Compost provides composting services for homes, organizations, and
events throughout Massachusetts.

   - The average home reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more 250lbs worth
   of CO2 a year.
   - With optional compost back, individuals can save $100s on growing
   fresh produce right at home.
   - 100% of organic material City Compost services goes to the soil to
   grow more fresh food. Never to landscape applications, golf courses,
   highway systems or as pig slop.
   - 100% of organic material is processed independently, never mixed in at
   facilities with large industrial streams, to produce top quality compost.


   - Completion of Assigned Routes
   - Quality Control and Record Keeping
   - Understanding and Sharing What We Do, How, and Why
   - Be on the look out for opportunities where City Compost could


   - Valid Drivers License and Personal Vehicle
   - Ability to work in variable weather conditions
   - Ability to lift up to 30 Pounds
   - Ability to work with little to no direct supervision.
   - Punctual
   - Detail Oriented
   - A Passion for Sustainable Living
   - A Desire to Positively Impact the Local Food System

Please email resume and cover letter explaining why you want to work for
City Compost to . You will be contacted for a list of
references as applicable.