Diversified Farm Position

General Description:
We are neighboring farms in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Justamere Tree Farm is a sustainable maple sugar & Christmas tree farm that actively manages over 80 acres of land and forest, maintain a large homestead vegetable garden, and raise its own chickens. Over 5,000 maple taps are in production (all with vacuum and reverse osmosis), with expected expansion. We grow about 5,000 to 6,000 Christmas trees. Maple products are sold at local farmers markets and through our website. We have been living and working at this location for 32 years, with self-reliance, sustainability, and physical and mental well-being as our core virtues. We love to run, bike, hike, and do yoga, and our location is the ideal spot for all of these activities!

Kinne Brook Farm, family-owned and in its second generation, is a 120 acre 19th century farm that raises and sells Highland beef. Our herd is grazed exclusively on grass and other forage, augmented only by our own hay in the winter, and is certified humane by Animal Welfare Approved. We use management intensive grazing techniques, and all pastures and hay fields are fertilized with composted manure and/or OMRI certified fish emulsion. We have a flock of chickens from which we collect and sell eggs; make hay with our neighbors on our collective 65 acres that we sell out of our barn; cut our own firewood; and provide sap to Justamere for maple syrup. Bart is also a furniture maker and Eliza works at the local health center. They have two small children.

We are looking for a couple to work for both farms for a collective 50-60 hours/week. We will provide housing at Kinne Brook Farm in exchange for some of the hours.

Meals: Maple syrup, garden produce and farm eggs and meat available to interns.
Housing: One bedroom apartment with living room, additional loft space, galley kitchen, full bathroom, separate entrance and driveway, and beautiful views. Opportunity to share vegetable garden.

Skills Desired: We are looking for an intern team that collectively embodies several skill sets. Applicants must be strong, careful, smart and attentive to detail, neat & clean. Willingness to work is a MUST. Chainsaw and tractor experience and mechanical adeptness is highly preferred in any candidate. As marketing is also a part of this internship, a personable, outgoing attitude and comfort interacting with a wide array of customers and people is also desired. Carpentry skills and ability to provide childcare are also of interest.

Educational Opportunities: Working with us is an opportunity to be involved in both an energy efficient, wide-production maple syrup operation and a small beef farm. From Justamere, you will learn about maintaining a sugar bush: forestry skills, timber stand improvement, and tree ID, as well as chainsaw work and maintenance. From Kinne Brook Farm, you’ll learn about pasture management, livestock handling, and machinery operation and maintenance.
Fall and early winter activities will include haying, firewood processing, and active work with Christmas trees; interns will participate in the harvesting process as well as spend much time selling trees on the farm and at our sale lot. Winter and early spring will primarily involve sugaring. Spring, summer , and fall will include haying, pasture management, and marketing at farmers’ markets and making value added products with maple syrup.

Over the course of this internship, expect to learn and do a diverse range of activities. Every day is different on our farm, but there is never a lack of things to do.

Compensation -  this position is PAID

Worthington, Ma. 01098