Brookford Farm seeking Harvest Manager

Brookford Farm is a 650-acre diversified farm in Canterbury, NH with about 40 acres in organic vegetable production. The farm is also home to cattle, hogs, and chickens, all raised on pasture as the seasons allow. Our products are distributed to a 270+ member CSA, wholesale accounts, and farmers markets. We are one department on a 'full diet' farm, with myriad native tongues among our staff including French, Swahili, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and German. Our farm proudly reflects the strength of cultural and agricultural diversity.

The Harvest Manager's responsibilities include:

  • Consistent evaluation of fields to determine/predict crop harvest times and quantities
  • Generation of harvest lists in such a way that maximizes produce quality and freshness, while also evaluating crop profitability and labor efficiency
  • Management of the harvest staff including training, inspection of work for accuracy and speed, and the delegation of the harvest list to harvest crew leaders
  • Frequent communication with Packing House Manager to insure consistency, adjust for any fluctuations or surprises, and coordinate the sharing of staff.
  • Working with Packing House Manager to maintain and digitize a harvest log, as well as to establish a record of harvest efficiency benchmarks and pars for individual crops
  • Maintaining a general inventory of harvest supplies such as harvest bins, harvest bags, etc.
  • Leading crews in hand cultivation projects when not harvesting
  • Monitoring maintenance of tools, ensuring all return to their designated storage space in good condition
  • Coordinating with the Field Manager and Assistant Field Manager to oversee both hand cultivation and mechanical cultivation projects
  • Monitoring and overseeing maintenance of harvest and cultivation tools

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 1 year experience with produce on a market scale
  • Management and leadership experience
  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills
  • Keen sense of efficiency and logistics
  • Ability to train and manage staff that may not speak English
  • Familiarity with and commitment to organic practices
  • Experience and skill operating machinery is preferred 

Our work requires passion, precision, speed, and great stamina. Much of our crew will log 55+ rigorous hours in 5 days. Successful candidates should be committed to sustainable agriculture and have a proven work history in physically demanding positions. Special consideration will be given to those with pertinent advanced education and/or a career mindset. Pay is commensurate to experience and skill set.

Brookford Farm is located on an incredible piece of land along the Merrimack River. The ambitious 'full diet' scope of our production, the ethics and motives that drive us, and the great people that work here make our farm truly special. We thank you for your interest in joining our team and look forward to hearing from you.

If interested, email with a resume (.pdf is ideal), cover letter, and at least two professional references.

Canterbury, NH