Assistant Farmer position at Alprilla Farm

Alprilla Farm is a diversified, for profit farm located in Essex, Massachusetts. We grow approximately five acres of vegetables each year, which we market to an 80 share summer and fall CSA, at the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market and wholesale to multiple restaurants and retail businesses around Cape Ann.  We grow a few acres of grains for human consumption, as part of our vegetable crop rotation, which we process and market ourselves. Beef is a new enterprise, and we plan to harvest our first crop of grass finished steers in the fall of 2016. We are also trying to incorporate draft power into our vegetable production with a team of Shorthorn oxen. We are not certified, but follow organic practices.  We place a high value on soil health, crop quality and environmental stewardship as well as profitability and efficiency. The farm is run by Noah Kellerman and Sophie Courser, and is entering its sixth season. For more information visit

This job provides an opportunity to be part of a truly diversified, entrepreneurial farm that is continually evolving and growing. The assistant farmer position includes a wide range of responsibilities that reflect the diverse range of farming enterprises on Alprilla Farm. They include but are not limited to:

  •        Tractor operation. Tasks include tillage/bed prep, manure spreading, hay making, cultivation and more.
  •        Greenhouse management.
  •        Fencing, brush clearing, pasture management, and other aspects of   cattle farming
  •        Postharvest handling and marketing of vegetables
  •        Interacting with customers in both retail and wholesale settings
  •        Leading harvest/weeding crews.
  •        Grain processing
  •        Basic carpentry and maintenance skills             

An ideal candidate will have:

  •        2 seasons minimum of experience in production vegetable farming
  •        Ability and willingness to work independently, as part of a small team and in large groups
  •        Punctuality
  •        Sense of humor
  •        Love of food and farming
  •        Interest/ degree of comfort with livestock
  •        Tractor driving experience
  •        Valid driver’s license
  •        The ability to repeatedly lift 50 lb or more.
  •        Ability to work cheerfully in heat, cold, wind, rain, and clouds of mosquitos
  •        Willingness to train others and lead small crews.
  •        Attention to detail, farm systems, and organization
  •        Problem solving skills
  •        A sincere desire to learn from and with one’s co-workers.


  •        Experience with livestock
  •        Equipment maintenance/repair skills

Schedule: First week of April to Thanksgiving, 40 to 50 hr/wk plus unpaid 1 hour lunch break.


  • Hourly wage commensurate with experience
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Unlimited produce and grains
  • Hot lunch cooked by one of us everyday
  • 1 week paid vacation

To apply:
Please send resume, letter of interest and two or three references to

Essex, MA