Assistant Farm Manager at Hutchins Farm (Concord, MA)

Hutchins Farm is seeking a motivated, energetic person with a strong interest in an agricultural career to work in a position of responsibility on our diverse farm. With over 60 acres under management, Hutchins Farm is one of the largest and oldest diversified, certified-organic vegetable and fruit operations in Massachusetts. We grow approximately 35 acres of annual vegetable crops each season, and manage 8 acres of apple orchards and an acre of blueberries, selling at our on-site farmstand, and at three local farmers markets, with some limited wholesaling.


The exact job description will depend on the applicant’s experience and interest, but will include participation in the full variety of farm activities, from off-season planning to greenhouse propagation, field preparation, seeding and planting, cultivation, irrigation, pest and disease scouting and identification, pesticide application, harvest, etc. The Assistant Farm Manager will be responsible for a considerable amount of machinery operation, including maintenance and repair of tractors and implements, as well as smaller machinery such as chainsaws, mowers, trimmers and irrigation pumps.

The Assistant Farm Manager will collaborate with the Farm Manager in drafting, executing and updating detailed production plans, and will be expected to participate in formal and informal meetings with other managers to identify production and marketing goals, strategize the best ways to achieve these goals, and participate in the execution of these goals through machinery operations, worker supervision and training, and hand labor.

The applicant for the Assistant Farm Manager:

-Must have a strong interest in organic agricultural practices and a commitment to producing high quality, responsibly grown produce.
-Must have some experience with machinery operation and a strong interest in tractor work. Hutchins Farm has several tractors from 20 - 90hp, and uses a wide range of common and uncommon implements. This position will involve many hours operating equipment.
-Must have strong communication skills, an ability to work with colleagues effectively and to instruct and train farm workers.
-Must be able to make a 2-year commitment.
-Must be able to lift at least 50lbs repeatedly.
-Must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record.

Applicants with other applicable skills, such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, welding, tree work, etc. may be given preference.


The Assistant Farm Manager position is a year-round salaried position.
Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience. Full time March – December and ¾ time in January and February. Benefits include employer-paid health insurance, profit sharing, a housing stipend, two weeks paid vacation (one during the growing season, one during the off season), and vegetables from the farm. On site housing may be available.

From more information about Hutchins Farm: Applicants should contact Brian at

754 Monument St, Concord MA, 01742