Assistant Farm Manager

Atlas Farm is an 85-acre diversified organic vegetable farm located in Deerfield, MA.  We are hiring for an assistant farm manager to help oversee a broad range of farm activities.  The assistant manager works very closely with the farm owner and other management staff in daily farm operations and is a senior management position at the farm.  The position is heavily focused on field production, but also involves work in greenhouse production, post-harvest activities, marketing, building and equipment repair and maintenance, employee relations, and other tasks.  The assistant manager is "second in command" to the farm owner and, as such, is involved in many aspects of farm management.  Applicants should have a very strong background in vegetable production including equipment work, plant nutrition, pest management, season extension, irrigation, greenhouse production, and harvest and post-harvest activities.  Applicants should also have experience managing employees in a farm setting and familiarity with farm carpentry, wiring, plumbing, and farm mechanics.  Some experience in retail and wholesale marketing is also desired.  This is a full-time, year round position requiring 60+ hours/week during the main field production season from April -- November and fewer hours during the slower winter months from December -- March.  We are seeking an applicant with a desire for long-term employment and the potential to move into a business partnership role over time.  This job is well suited to a young grower who has worked on other vegetable farms in production and management roles and is ready for the task of overall farm management.  The position offers a competitive salary and benefits based on experience level.  To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to detailing previous work experience and how you believe you could excel in this position.  Extensive training is possible for the right candidate.