Assistant Education Director, Wright-Locke Farm, Winchester

Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy is now hiring an Assistant Education Director to help
develop, manage, and facilitate outdoor youth programs for its 2018 program season. The
Assistant Education Director is a full-time position held March – October 2018 (expected
start date on or near March 5, 2018) and is paid $15 per hour. All farm staff are required
to undergo a CORI check prior to the start of their work period (the farm will do this
upon hiring).

The Assistant Education Director’s responsibilities include:

● Preparation to help develop and facilitate programs
o Initial one-on-one training with the Education Director (ED) to learn about
the farm, education programs, and the short and long-term responsibilities
of the Assistant Education Director
o Reading farm education materials provided by the ED
o Assist with administrative tasks to manage program scheduling and

● Development of youth programs
o Working with the ED to determine appropriate themes and subjects for
spring, summer, and fall programs for kids ages 4 – 12
o Working with the ED to create seasonal program curriculum, including
lesson and activities plans, notes, and educational materials
o Regular participation in youth garden maintenance throughout the entirety
of the word period (March – October)
o Working with the ED to train seasonal education staff prior to the start of
spring, summer, and fall youth programs (two days of training per season,
usually hosted the week before spring, summer, and fall programs start)

● Facilitation of youth programs
o The Assistant Education Director will work directly with the ED and/or
seasonal educators to co-lead most spring, summer, and fall youth
programs scheduled April – October 2018 (see below for detailed program
schedules) as well as non-registration based programs, like schools
visiting the farm for a morning field trip
o Setting up before and cleaning up after each program session
o Teaching lessons and leading activities (includes modifying lessons and
activities as necessary)

● Communication with seasonal staff, student volunteers, and caretakers
o Delegating appropriate tasks and duties to seasonal staff and student
volunteers before, during, and after program sessions
o Maintaining positive relationships with seasonal staff and student
o Providing a positive customer service experience with parents/caretakers
of children participating in youth programs

● Communication with the Education Director
o Providing the ED feedback about successful and unsuccessful lessons and
activities when appropriate
o Notifying the ED of any known issues experienced during one or more
sessions (with children, parents, coworkers, or volunteers) or related to the
Assistant Education Director position
o Updating the ED about seasonal staff and student volunteer performance
Candidates for the Assistant Education Director’s position should:

● Have a background in teaching children about farming, nature, healthy eating, or
related subjects, and a strong desire to help create and teach similar curriculum in
an organic farm setting
● Enjoy working with children ages 4 - 12
● Have a positive attitude, be a strong leader, and be able to adapt to changing
environments and circumstances
● Be comfortable working outdoors- rain or shine!
● Be comfortable working with/handling farm animals (no experience required)
● Be able to lift 50 lbs
● Have reliable housing and transportation
● Have a laptop computer that can be used for office-based farm education work;
proficiency using Microsoft Word, Excel and Google Docs.
● Pending emergencies and excused absences, the Assistant Education Director
must be able to commit to working the planned 2018 youth program schedule
noted below (there is some flexibility in work hours outside of program times, but
candidates should anticipate working full-time hours on the farm Monday –
Friday from April – October)

If you are interested in the Assistant Education Director position, please send a resume
and cover letter to Education Director Erika Gorgenyi at as soon
as possible. Please be sure to include 2 – 3 professional references in your email with
resume and cover letter attached.

If you have questions concerning the position description that you would like answered
before submitting your resume and cover letter, please also send them to Education
Director Erika Gorgenyi at .

Winchester, MA