Assistant Education Director Position Available at Wright-Locke Farm (Winchester, MA)

Wright-Locke Farm (Winchester, MA) is hiring an Assistant Education Director to help develop, manage, and facilitate outdoor youth programs for its 2017 program season. The Assistant Education Director is a full-time position held March – October 2017 (expected start date on or near March 6, 2017) and is paid $15 per hour.

Main responsibilities of the Assistant Education Director include:

Preparation to help develop and facilitate youth programs
- Initial one-on-one training with the Education Director to learn about the farm, education programs, and the short and long-term responsibilities of the Assistant Education Director
- Reading education materials provided by the Education Director

Development of youth programs
- Working with the Education Director to determine appropriate themes and subjects for spring, summer, and fall programs
- Working with the Education Director to create seasonal program curriculum, including lesson plans and notes
- Gathering / preparing materials for lessons and activities
- Regular participation in youth garden maintenance

Facilitation of youth programs
- The Assistant Education Director will work directly with the Education Director and/or seasonal educators to co-lead all spring, summer, and fall youth programs scheduled April – October 2017 (see below for detailed program
schedule) as well as non-registration based programs, like schools visiting the farm for a morning field trip
- Setting up before and cleaning up after each program session
- Teaching lessons and leading activities (includes modifying lessons and activities as necessary)

Communication with student volunteers
- Delegating tasks and duties to student volunteers before, during, and after program sessions
- Maintaining positive relationships with student volunteers

Communication with the Education Director
- Notifying the Education Director of any known issues experienced during a program or related to the Assistant Education Director position
- Providing feedback about successful and unsuccessful lessons and activities
- Updating the Education Director about student volunteer performance

To read the full position description or to apply, please visit the farm’s

Wright-Locke Farm (Winchester, MA)