Sell More with Better Displays, Part 6: Build Brand Awareness

Myrna Greenfield
Good Egg Marketing



In this series of six blog posts, Myrna Greenfield discusses six strategies to Sell More with Better Displays.

Part 6: Build Brand Awareness

This colorful display of artfully arranged vegetables is a hallmark of the Siena Farms display at the Copley Square Farmers Market in Boston. (Photo by Myrna Greenfield.)

Create displays that embody your brand. Customers should be able to tell they’re at your stand or store--even without signage--because your products or selling area have a distinctive look and feel or character. Whether it’s your creative use of metal watering cans, your color palette, that funky typeface or your corny puns, your stall or farm stand should have a consistent atmosphere and image.
Make sure your banner is visible. Many farmers have banners that are too big or too small to work in their space, or that can only be seen from one spot.  Vendors sometimes hang their banners too low or cover it over with product, so you can’t see who the vendor is or read their tagline. Make signs and banners that work in different size spaces. 
Put your logo on it. Your logo doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be enormous, but when customers see it multiple times, it subtly reminds them where they’re shopping. Preprint blank product signs with your logo on them so you can print or handwrite up-to date prices and product information on the go.
Be opinionated. Sharing your passions with customers creates a sense of connection. Personal recommendations increase sales. Signs like “staff favorites” attract customers, especially regular shoppers. Customers who follow a recommendation and like it are likely to come back for more suggestions.

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