Get or participate in the NASS Crop Progress & Condition Report

Gary Keough
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) produces several hundred reports each year. The 2013 growing season is rapidly approaching, or already here for some, and the NASS New England Field Office is already preparing for weekly Crop Progress & Condition Report. This report, one of NASS’s most popular, contains a summary of the weather and growing conditions across New England. We also include comments from our reporters. You can find last year’s reports here.  We are looking for farmers from across Massachusetts to provide
weekly reports for their area. If you could spare a few minutes during the weekend or early Monday morning we would appreciate you help.

To meet our publication goals, we will need reports by Monday morning (Tuesday, if Monday is a Federal holiday). The easiest and least time-consuming method to submit your report is via our website. The first published report will be on Monday, April 29, and will cover the week ending Sunday, April 28. If you are interested in reporting, please contact me at

Participating in this service, either by providing data or receiving reports, is a great way to stay connected to the weather conditions and experiences of other farmers in the area. You are not farming alone and do not have to make decisions based on guessing. The information gathered in this report can be very helpful to farmers across the region in making informed decisions about planning, planting, harvesting and other critical farming activities. You can subscribe to Weekly Crop Progress and Condition Report or any of our other reports.

Gary R. Keough, State Statistician
USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service
New England Field Office
53 Pleasant St. Rm 2100
Concord, NH 03301