Below are some resources for farmers trying to finance their ventures. Whether you’re established, starting up, or still dreaming: there’s funding out there, waiting for you to find it... Read more ›
Jon Magee, The Farmer's Library
At the inaugural BFN/Mass forum last fall, our discussion group suggested I make a blog post about how to find equipment for sale, and where to find parts and service. I've assembled this list of... Read more ›
Myrna Greenfield
Understanding what motivate your customers to buy local foods can help you figure out how to meet their needs and the type of information you should provide about your farm and products.  This... Read more ›
Food Safety for Beginning Farmers
The prevailing notion among both limited resource and beginning farmers is that food safety is an issue primarily for large operations and that it requires cost prohibitive infrastructural changes... Read more ›
There are three forms of legal entities that farmers typically choose for their business:  sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company.  In addition to the for-profit... Read more ›