From books, to articles, presentations, and research reports, Masoud Hashemi’s agricultural CV is 18 pages long (mostly single-spaced). Over the span of his 40-year career, Masoud has become an... Read more ›
Growing up on Long Island, Kristen Wilmer never expected to work in agriculture. In fact, Kristen was considering a career in psychology when she went to work at Gould Farm, a residential therapeutic... Read more ›
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Terri Lawton, Oake Knoll Ayershires at Lawton's Family Farm
If one were tasked with assigning a single word descriptor to Lawton’s Family Farm in Foxboro, MA, that word would almost certainly be synonymous with perseverance.  The farm has been in... Read more ›
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Atlas Farm
Started by Gideon Porth in 2004, Atlas Farm is an organic produce farm in South Deerfield, Massachusetts certified through Bay State Organic Certifiers - an accredited agent that certifies operations... Read more ›