Sell More with Better Displays, Part 5: Make it Interesting

Myrna Greenfield
Good Egg Marketing



In this series of six blog posts, Myrna Greenfield discusses six strategies to Sell More with Better Displays.

Part 5: Make it Interesting

This product sign at Debra’s Natural Gourmet draws attention to a featured product, while reinforcing brand awareness through use of Debra’s logo and color palette. (Photo by Betty Mackenzie.)

Provide plenty of product information.  Tell your customers about new products, how they’re grown, how to use them, or what’s in season. Offer recipe cards or product usage information. Phrases like “our own corn” sell product. Offer info on product signs, shelf talkers, or stickers. Product information adds value for the customer and helps build loyalty.
Stock complementary items together. Cross-marketing items helps customers see how products can be used and encourages them to pick up additional items so they can go home and make a dish right away. Cheese and crackers are a no-brainer, as is chocolate sauce next to the ice cream. Tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella are a favorite summer combo. Place menu suggestions or recipe cards next to your displays.
Rotate the items you keep in your most prominent spots or at your registers.  Variety generates more sales and impulse buys. The items you feature implicitly reflect the qualities and values of your brand, so choose them thoughtfully.

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