Sell More with Better Displays, Part 3: Keep it Fresh

Myrna Greenfield
Good Egg Marketing



In this series of six blog posts, Myrna Greenfield discusses six strategies to Sell More with Better Displays.

Part 3: Keep it Fresh

Idylwilde Farms sells loose corn on the cob as well as husked ears.  Packaging husked corn is a great way to sell perfectly good products that customers have opened to inspect. (Photo by Betty Mackenzie.)

Keep produce looking good. Cull older or droopy items. Repurpose them if you can. Remove opened corn husks and package the ears. Slice and wrap melons, cabbages, or other items that are still good for eating.
Keep it fresh. Place perishable, quick-moving items in iced tubs for short amounts of time to make them more accessible.
Keep it clean.  Make sure your products are clean and uncluttered. Lettuce leaves on the floor or ground make your store or stand look dirty. Clutter can cause accidents. Make sure you and your staffers look clean, too. Farming and retail can be dirty business, so keep plenty of clean logo t-shirts, vests, and sweatshirts around to change into.
Rotate specials or selected displays once or twice a week.  Frequent customers are likely to shop more often and buy more if they see items that seem new, even if they’re just located in a different spot.  Mobile carts make it easy to move products to new locations.

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Educate yourself about food safety regulations and required permits before cutting up fruits or vegetables for sale! Melons specifically are considered a Potentially Hazardous Food by the FDA.